Do you need a journalism degree to become a journalist?


I was wondering that when I attend college will I have to major in journalism to become a journalist. Say I want to write for a newspaper, magazine, or website, do I necessarily have to have a journalism degree? Could I just major in American Studies or American history and minor in journalism? Or do I need to major in journalism?



Joe B


Mary Kate

Not necessarily, only if the employer requires it.
And with online stuff, that would be unlikely


No but it will open opportunities.

John C™

Get writing.
If you have good contacts and can get most people talking about the five W’s then you are the one for journalism. A degree helps you understand the complexities of the field.


no….you just have to lick in between Obama’s toes……..because, of course, you want to………..then you must not ever, I mean EVER, use the words “Illegal Alien”, because there is no such thing, lastly you must write about every celebrity as if they, personally, are going to save the planet with whatever Liberal cause/agenda they are pushing that particular month…………..after you follow, and stick with , those simple steps you are now an O-ficial liberal activist….oops.I mean you are now a journalist…


Do you need a journalism degree to walk up to someone on the street, ask them a question, write it down, reproduce it many, many times, distribute it to as many people as you can, and then do it all over again, and hopefully make a living from it, in order to sustain you, and your family?

No. You need passion. Period.

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